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Saturday, November 23, 2013

#prayformichael Donations for my Grandson

#prayformichael Donations
PLEASE SHARE on FaceBook ♥ My grandson Michael Bradley Batham was in a serious auto accident, to help with medical costs for his Mom Jill Batham and their family, It cost my daughter $400 Co-pay for each ER visit...

You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal, accepting Debit or credit cards too,
It is easy to apply for PayPal and it is SAFE & FREE to transfer funds to other PayPal family and friends.
Apply Here For FREE PayPal account

PayPal Acceptance Mark

some FEES may apply
you may also send cards, or Letters.. to the address below,

Jill & Michael Batham

4832 Hwy D

Defiance, MO. 63341

Also I give special Thanks to the following;

Alexandra Freeman,
Genevieve Cu,
Michelle Renee Freeman,
Sara Ping,
Dawn Hutson Thompson,
Greg Thompson,
Leah V. Lina-Lejano,
Katie Dwyer Wibbenmeyer,
April Jimenez,
Brooke Blackburn,
Jacob Kelley,
Timothy Bunfill,
Kristie Kula Rosenberger,
Take Them a Meal,
Dusty Sanders,
Rene Baumer Cope,
Linda Kluner,
Rene' Shelp Baumgartner,
Tina Blume-Compton,
Virgil W. Christophersen,
Amelia Wilkinson,
Donna Wilkinson Hutson,
Andrea Bax,
Connie Hull,
Jordan Thompson, Ranken Jordan—A Pediatric Specialty Hospital,
SSM SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center,
Sue Batham,
Karen Thompson Morrell,
Nicole Bax,
Tiffany Brannon,
Danielle Goser,
Jill Bolton Perotti,
Kathy Batham,
Jody Heslop,
Kirei Mei Sakuya,
Clay Bax,

and all of you for your donations, Shares, Posts, cards, letters, donation idea's and meals for my grandson's family. You have all been so very much appreciated...

Thank you for your donations !!!

We are still receiving prayers, as we all know, they have been VERY helpful..

May God Bless you all for all of the prayers and support...
Thank You ♥

GrAnDMa mOe

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