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Saturday, November 02, 2013

2 New #prayformichael Updates since 5:30am today


Update @ 5:30am from Jill Batham

Michael Bradley Batham was just given some morphine to be comfortable. He moved his head to the side and was in some pain when they were adjusting him. His reflexes are working very well. He lifted his hand off the bed and pushed it back down into the bed while I was holding it. The nurse said that the morphine should out him back to sleep. The doctor said it will also help to get him on a sleep cycle. Keep praying, God Bless you All ️ — with Michael Bradley Batham.

#prayformichael Keep up the great job all of you are doing, everything looks so positive! God Bless you all!

Update @ 8:45am from Jill Batham

Michael Bradley Batham is moving a lot. His eyes have been opening a lot. They pinched him behind his knee and he moved. They pinched him on his shoulder and he tried to swat. When holding his hand and talking to him his eyes flutter and he lifts his arm and also tries to push it into the bed. They are still giving him morphine to help with the pain. It might take him a little longer to wake up because of it. — with Michael Bradley Batham and Jill Ba

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