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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pray and Support my grandson Michael...

My grandson Michael Batham was in a tragic car accident.(his name is the link to his facebook page).
We know that he wasn't texting.
This Blog is to keep everyone updated, reminded to pray and support him, and his family and also those who are praying and supporting him.
Thank YOU....

The incident happened around 7pm Oct. 27th, 2013 when he was driving. No one know yet exactly what happen to cause his truck to swerve and roll.

But luckily an off duty officer found him in time, apparently he was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown through the window.

The officer said that both front and back axles were broken and the tires were still smoking, meaning he had not been there very long.

He was flown to a children's hospital and he is still there.
SSM Cardinal Glennon
Children's Medical Center

If anyone would like to write to him, with the permission of Jill (his mother).
Just leave a message on my facebook page. the link below..
Terry Freeman, I'm his grandma

Today's update is;
Technically you would wake him up but it would take a really big jolt.
He's still really medicated, just not in a coma.
For him it would be like an alarm clock radio going off at 5am in the morning
(he can hear it, but it doesn't make any sense).
He may wake up feeling it's only been like 30 seconds and panicky.
Won't know the permanent trauma in his brain for 6-12 months.
He has a feeding tube, and they suction his lungs, he has gag reflexes, and he coughs.
He also has body reflexes, off his PARALYTIC MEDICATION and that his swelling of the brain (ICP) is low now, the numbers look good.
They have a trachea tube placed due to the fluid and blood in his lungs.
there's a long recovery road for him, #prayformichael, (I hope that link works) and continue to pray and support him,
WE thank you from the bottom of our hearts...


GrAnDMa mOe

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