Blogger Widgets Struggling Parents: Pop-ups...DAMN

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Its been a confusing day today. I started off my day where I couldn't open up Google blogspot, it kept reading error, so I couldn't drop even Entrecards (the last few days I've been typing that Entrecards as Encards, big mistake). Anywho, I was frustrated because my computer kept lugging along so I downloaded AVG anti-virus and anti-spyware and scanned my computer, it took over 2 hrs. I was getting really upset by then and finally blogspot started up when the anti-spyware detected 4 spies. I dropped approx 175 Entrecards and purchased around 5-6 spots on websites. I was reading about Lets See How Bad We Can Piss People Off post and noticed just today that I have a PayPerPlay or should I say PayPerPopup , as he says
both insidious in-your-face type of advertising

I don't really have a clue how it got on there, but I gave up for today trying to figure out how to remove it. I am SORRY about the pop up ad. ANYONE know exactly how to get rid of it PLEASE let me know ASAP THANKS...

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jenny-up the hill said...

So you didn't know you had it?? I've seen these pop-up ads today...I wonder if I have one too and don't know it a blogger thing??

Anna said...

I have no idea how they get there or how to get rid of them. It's pretty irritating, though.

I bet you don't even get paid for them, either.